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Categorized | Hair Metal Videos

Opie and Anthony: Discuss Hair Metal Bands Part 1

Video Rating: 4 / 5

The best scene from the third episode of ATHF season 9, “Shirt Herpes” I don’t own this video, I’m just uploading it.

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50 Responses to “Opie and Anthony: Discuss Hair Metal Bands Part 1”

  1. mshesh16 says:

    +NirvanMan07 “U can’t say Cinderella is crap, and talk shit about poison,
    when millions of ppl actually like their songs”

    Actually, yes you can. Because a lot of people like something, does not
    grant it merit . Actually, the more people like something, especially these
    days, the more likely it’s a pile of shit. Don’t comment about things
    anymore, please.

  2. mindstormsabrewin says:

    @elbob17 I’m not interested in what some might define as “relevant”. I’m
    interested in good heavy metal music, regardless of the dogshit that’s
    popular now. Lady Gaga is what’s “relevant” today. If that’s what someone’s
    into, fine. So you don’t like thrash. Why should I care. Stop
    trolling…… it is a sign of low character. We are O and A fans, yes? Why
    get dramatic with each other? Apparently many others agree with me. Good
    day to you sir.

  3. MindstormRecs says:

    @NirvanMan07 Just because they fucked delusional whores in the 80’s doesn’t
    mean their music doesn’t suck, because it does lol

  4. CoolerKing37 says:


  5. sharksandwich101 says:

    More of a thrasher myself

  6. Arrowdodger says:

    I wonder if he played it a lot. Night and day, it was cinderelly. tsss

  7. OboxerU says:

    “Listen to the words.” I’ve caught myself doing that, but never with
    Cinderella or any of this.

  8. rukon1234 says:

    Nirvana killed the hair metal. Praise them!

  9. iscream22 says:

    I don’t like Poison but I saw them and la guns when I was 11 and saw my
    first pair of titties in the audience so thanks poison

  10. JWStreeter says:

    don’t like any of them. hey jude by the beatles was good though

  11. TheDrunkenCelt says:

    Aw, the Jim Jones line at the beginning was fucking gold

  12. Robert Buchanan says:

    Aside from Pat Benatar, is there any awful music that Opie dislikes? Any at
    all? The man has no discriminative perspective regarding to any music. He
    may as well go back to being a jawk.

  13. sharksandwich101 says:

    Motley Crue, GNR, Skid Row, Van Halen, and LA Guns were good. Poison,
    Warrent, and Ciderella sucked along with the vast majority of the Glam
    Metal guys

  14. chefmastershake says:

    @HotelYorba101 They had the look for a while but their music kicked too
    much ass to ever classified as hair metal.

  15. Brandon Garay says:

    look how old that comment is you fucking moron.

  16. chefmastershake says:

    @HotelYorba101 be

  17. nick peril says:

    He grew up on LI when this stuff was around. It’s not that uncommon. And
    Benatar is great.

  18. livardo says:

    I lost it with the meow meow meow meow

  19. DehumanizingSounds says:

    “You’re both wrong. Just go see Ozzy and commit a rape on the way home…”
    geez Jim is fucking evil

  20. NirvanMan07 says:

    This is actually funny, they talk shit about poison and Cinderella, calling
    them faggots, when poison and Cinderella banged more girls than their
    entire life. This are fucking grunge supporters. U can’t say Cinderella is
    crap, and talk shit about poison, when millions of ppl actually like their
    songs. Fucking retarded…

  21. William Dearth says:

    @BestNameEvar Yeah, that shit had it’s place but it’s so tired.

  22. boothesquirrel says:

    the pick up chicks excuse is so lame, you wouldn’t defend it if that was
    the only reason

  23. sharksandwich101 says:

    Instead you had to listen to the drivel that is rap music, dub step, nu
    metal, and more. I should know, I’m in the same generation

  24. Paul Chadbourne says:

    hey listening to the rock being put out these days you should pray for 80’s
    metal to come back

  25. JamesOhGoodie says:

    Dude! It IS Squeezebox! What’s really pathetic is that they couldn’t even
    rip off a GOOD Who song.

  26. Casual Kripp says:

    40 THOUSAND…


  27. Carl Brutananadilewski says:

    It’s the BALLS

  28. Mugenkun77 says:

    “Yahtzee used Bass Solo! It’s super effective!”

  29. m jkbuk k hvhjy says:

    this video is so bad

  30. NigNog741 says:

    That bass solo.

  31. Dillon Pollack says:

    “You don’t kill my brudah.”

  32. Josh Butterballs says:

    I see that happening, man.

  33. joe una says:

    the most fake yet funny story of carl to be heard

  34. Charles Pulman says:


  35. Stephan Quintero says:

    What’s the name of the episode

  36. Matt Fawkes says:

    Carl was playing Tom Sawyer, in case anyone was wondering. No idea what
    song Boggle was playing.

  37. delv213 says:

    muse – hysteria.

  38. Chris Williams says:

    Where is that bass solo from.

  39. Desmond theOrc says:

    You don’t kill mah brudda!

  40. Justin Agado says:

    All jokes aside this it too metal.

  41. RotSman says:

    I want the Queensrÿche track and I want that shirt, and I can find neither.
    Why does Adult Swim not want my money?!

  42. ontariobuds says:

    ALL THIS AND I CONTINUED TO BASS SOLO! That was a Rush song that they were
    playing 🙂

  43. Paul Silva says:

    40 thousand. Million. Daaaamn, son!

  44. noideac says:

    Lol Carl starts playing rush at the end of the bass solo he took over (Tom

  45. soulshower says:

    Yes it was! But, according to Carl @0:29, Yahtzee was the short one and
    Boggle was on bass! Lolol…

  46. Joe Burkett says:

    To rule as a god………..of rock!

  47. capnjonas says:

    if that battle were the series, with carl the gorn lord as main character,
    it’d have adult swim’s best ratings. like korgoth of barbaria

  48. GrimKardinal says:

    I was stoned, i stand corrected

  49. Curley Cats says:

    the gorn lord!!

  50. spiritusinvacuo says: