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80’s Hair Metal. What do you think of Hair Metal? Debate!-The Metal Voice

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hair Metal Backing Track In B Minor

Backing Track In B Minor Today’s free guitar backing track is a rock/hair metal/shred track in B minor. Your B pentatonic minor scale will work wonders here,…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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28 Responses to “80’s Hair Metal. What do you think of Hair Metal? Debate!-The Metal Voice”

  1. Bw Campbell says:

    Stryper is my fave and Cinderella least fave

  2. Danimal300zx says:

    Funny enough, even Slayer teased their hair and wore makeup on stage in
    their very early days.

  3. montyy fran says:

    and I LOVEE 80’S hair metal :)

  4. montyy fran says:

    Favorite:: Cinderella, Bon jovi, Motley Crue
    Least:: I don’t know

  5. Danimal300zx says:

    Favorites are Motley Crue, Bon Jovi (up until their Keep The Faith album),
    Twisted Sister and Whitesnake. Least favorites would be Warrant and Poison.


    Love Dokken hate poison

  7. John Barlow says:

    My favorite is WASP. My least favorite is Nitro *shudders*.

  8. TheBrinth says:

    I love Motley Crue, Skid Row, Cinderella etc. 1 question, Do you consider
    WASP as a hair metal band ? And what do you think abotu them ?

  9. FightinPhilsPhan26 says:

    i don’t see why they were hating on poison when poison, (though they did
    take the hair and make up a little far) still made some pretty good music.

  10. Luke Young says:

    I would love this type of music to come back. Im sick of all this hip hop
    and dubstep crap. My favorites: ratt, def leppard, scorpions, skid row, and
    many others. least favorite: enuff z nuff

  11. Eospag says:

    Pfft, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam were way better than Alice in Chains.

  12. MetalHeart8787 says:

    Kid i was listening to music before you were born. & yes i was there in
    1991 & Listened to pearl Jam & Alice in chains. & thought they Sucked, the
    SAD thing was many of my friends put down & didn’t like bands like Loudness
    OR Accept, THEN they were into these bands. it was pretty damn Stupid but
    hey to each his own. im just saying this is called THE METAL VOICE for a
    reason. NO one here wants to hear about Rap – country or Alternative music.
    give a Good listen to 80’s Loudness or Accept

  13. monkeytail2002 says:

    Ach hair metal wasn’t so bad. Pantera started off with hair metal/glam and
    look what became of that. Without the hair metal you wouldn’t have power
    metal in my own opinion.

  14. MetalHeart8787 says:

    Get REAL Grunge sucked! the musicianship sucked & the lame image. the main
    thing is that Grunge Bands sucked at Guitar. they are not saying they liked
    what they stood for, just saying people got tired of Glam bands so when
    grunge came onto the scene it was popular. MTV sold it & Pushed it so it
    was the same Band wagon thing all over again

  15. HarvesterOfSorrow01 says:

    in 0:57 it’s alanis morrissete hair

  16. FallenAngel333GR says:

    lol one of your greatest shows guys! 🙂 Hair Metal scene was too funny and
    joyful those days, we were listening to those bands just for fun and for
    girls. 😉 Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, WASP etc were classic Heavy Metal
    bands and not Hair Metal! If you want just only hairstyle, nothing
    compaired to Lizzy Borden: The Best Hair in Metal’s History! Lizzy was like
    a canis dog came out from a hairdresser’s shop!! 😛 Anyway, Best Hair Metal
    Band:”Motley Crue”,”Europe”. Least band:”Winger”,”Slaughter”.

  17. ElectricNihilistUK says:

    Poison are the lords of hair metal ! !

  18. metrelanes says:

    Scorpions?? Wasp? Twisted Sister? No way guys!! Musically both Wasp and
    T.Sister were pure heavy metal. And of course Scorpions classic hard rock..

  19. The Metal Voice says:

    Yes, I think we will cover where metal went in the grunge years.

  20. Paul Guppy says:

    Fav poison don’t have a least

  21. enjoythestruggle says:

    I generally don’t like when the personas overtake the music in importance.
    The term ‘hair metal’ alone gives me the creeps. If the music’s good, I
    won’t hold that against them however. For instance I like some of Ratt’s

  22. guitarzero says:

    sorry guys. Your way off base on this. You have no clue.

  23. The Metal Voice says:

    So true, Udo was pushed out even though no one today will admit it

  24. Mark Berman says:

    What makes you think I don’t listen to that stuff to?

  25. Mate Mrcela says:

    What about ratt?

  26. Rawker Roller says:

    If it weren’t for the “verse” riffs and the stuff after them, then i would
    say it sounds like a modern indie/hipster kind of crap. I love Glam metal,
    but this track IS NOT really a glam metal track. It’s more of a hard
    rock/heavy metal track, perhaps with a tinge of glam metal. It would go
    well with a glam band, but musically, it’s not really glam metal.

  27. David Cox says:

    It’s cool but what’s that weird transition??and time change or what was

  28. The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

    Very Cool! Thanks


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